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OpenBots mission is to make zero-license RPA mainstream across all Organizations

According to Gartner, RPA is the fastest growing enterprise software segment, however, until now there hasn’t been a combination of a viable OpenSource RPA product out there that is coupled with the Support and Services required for commercial adoption; That’s where we come in. At OpenBots, we are a group of Automation enthusiasts determined to democratize the adoption of RPA across all segments of the market from SMB to Enterprises.
According to Gartner, RPA is Most Commercial RPA Tools still require consultants and services to implement and maintain RPA Programs. In most cases, the services and consulting costs sometimes are more than twice the ongoing cost of the RPA Software which makes ROI on some RPA projects questionable.
Traditional RPA tools a have enterprise orchestration, security, and compliance features which make them a safer option for many enterprises. However,
OpenBots is the only Intelligent Automation platform with a true open core and the enterprise feature required to automate and scale while decreasing time to ROI.



The Benefits of RPA in the Insurance, Banking, and Financial Services Industries

The Benefits of RPA in the Insurance, Banking, and Financial Services Industries

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