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Process Automation in Healthcare

With a mission to provide high quality care to all who need their services, healthcare organizations rely on their everyday operations being carried out with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. However, these organizations face a number of challenges that can slow down operations and impede the healthcare delivery chain.
On an operational level, organizations deal with challenges like handling sensitive patient data and storing and managing health records within the rapidly evolving digital landscape. At the organizational level, it’s easy for organizations to become bogged down with large amounts of paperwork, administrative tasks, and data-intensive manual processes that can increase costs while slowing down productivity

License-free RPA enables these organizations to deliver digital transformation across the entire care delivery chain, bringing efficiency, accuracy, and improved patient experience to functions including:

  • Claims processing
  • Inventory management
  • Medical coding
  • Report preparations
  • Patient scheduling
  • Patient data management
  • Payment processing
  • Recording audit procedures

RPA bots can work 24/7 and are able to carry out tasks and processes in only a fraction of the time it would take a staff member to manually complete the same work. RPA can communicate with disparate digital systems to gather and collate patient information, providing aggregated data to give physicians a 360-degree view of patient health, thus creating a more personalized experience and improving the healthcare cycle. RPA also supports evolving document management requirements, enabling the digitization of patient records and other important files while helping organizations stay compliant with HIPAA and other laws.

Automation can also improve many of the tasks that fall under revenue management. Did you know that inefficient revenue cycle practices can lead to billions of dollars in administrative waste in the healthcare system? RPA can help these organizations cushion their revenues by transforming critical functions including accounts receivables monitoring, provider credentialing, and enrollment and eligibility. License-free RPA empowers healthcare revenue leaders to spend more time focusing on areas to apply RPA to improve their bottom line and plan for the long-term stability of their organizations, without ever needing to agonize over bot licensing fees.

By saving time, eliminating human error, and enabling staff to spend time on more high-value activities, RPA is quickly revolutionizing the healthcare ecosystem. The increased operational efficiency RPA provides is expected to expand the range of healthcare organizations’ abilities, ultimately leading to higher quality care and improved patient outcomes.

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