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A classroom setup for training your employees ensures the right environment for interactive and collaborative learning. An experienced trainer to resolve queries directly speeds up the learning.

24 Hrs of Instructor-Led Training

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Batch Start Date End Date Time Cost
October Monday, October 4 Friday, October 15 8AM – 12PM EST $2500.00
November Monday, October 25 Friday, November 5 8AM – 12PM EST $2500.00

Course Content

Day of Training
  • TopicDescription
Day 1
  • Introduction to RPAProvides a brief overview of RPA in general.
  • OpenBots OverviewIn this section we will review the OpenBots platform and provide a high-level explanation of each of its components.
  • Installing OpenBots StudioWe will go through the process for installing OpenBots Studio and Agent on our machines.
  • Managing VariablesLearning how to create, use and manage variables in OpenBots Studio.
  • Interacting with Web ApplicationsWill go over how to navigate, interact with and extract data from Web browsers.
  • RecordersReviewing how to utilize the Recorders available in OpenBots Studio to help you build your automations.
Day 2
  • Using Excel in OpenBotsLearning how to use Excel and spreadsheets in automation. Will also focus on using DataTable variables.
  • Word and Text Documents AutomationWill review how to use automations to create and use Word/text documents.
  • Folder/File ManagementReview commands available for moving and manipulating files and folders. This will also include some guidance for best practices to be followed when it comes to archiving and storing files utilized by automations.
Day 3
  • UiAutomationWill provide a deeper understanding of the functionality that is included as part of the UiAutomation package.
  • Outlook/EmailLearn how to use Outlook and create/manage emails using automations.
  • Exception Handling/DebuggingThis section will focus on available commands to aid in exception handling and how to debug common issues that can occur with bots.
  • Hands on – Automation ExerciseWe will have you create an automation that will require you to utilize a few of the topics covered so far.
Day 4
  • Image Based AutomationWe will review how to handle image-based processes such as how to work with Citrix style applications.
  • Package ManagementThis will be a quick section that will review how to include and manage packages in your projects.
  • Hands on – Automation ExerciseAt this stage we will provide you with another exercise that will provide you with an opportunity to put some of the more recent topics into practice. Guidance will be provided as needed while working on this.
Day 5
  • OpenBots Server InstallationWe will begin by going through the process for installing OpenBots Server to a machine.
  • How to publish projects to ServerReviewing the basics for publishing your completed projects to Server and connect the OpenBots Agent to Server.
  • Assets and SchedulerHow to create and manage Assets as well as go over how to schedule your published projects to run at predetermined times.
  • CredentialsHow to use OpenBots Server to securely manage Credentials.
  • Using Queues in OpenBots ServerWill review how to use Queues in OpenBots Server.
  • Attended Automation and LogsWe will take a closer look at how Attended Automations as well as Server and Agent logs.
  • Hands-on ExerciseWill provide another exercise that will involve having to publish a small project to OpenBots Server.
  • Final ProjectWe will finish the final day by providing you with a final project that will be more involved than the previous exercises. This exercise will not be done during the training or this day, however feedback will be provided for any completed submissions. Assitance and guidance will also be provided if needed.